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Bill Coleman
Associate Pastor
Bill Coleman, a life-long member of the Paris area and First Paris, answered his call to the ministry in the spring of 2013. Upon completing his ministry requirements, he was appointed to serve the church as an Associate Pastor allowing him to maintain his position as Senior Vice President at Liberty National Bank and continue to serve on various community organizations. His responsibilities at First Paris include assisting in worship services and overseeing adult education and curriculum. Bill and his wife, Carla, were both raised in the church and are very thankful to be able to worship with their children, Chase and daughter-in-law Leia, Nathan, and Mallie; along with their other family and friends at First Paris. It is Bill’s hope that his experiences outside the church will provide a unique perspective to others about the many opportunities we can be called to serve our Lord. “I am very grateful to be able to answer my call to the ministry at a place where my faith has so many deep roots”, Bill states. “It is truly an honor to serve my Lord and the members of First Paris.”
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