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One + One

One of the most critical foundations of society is the education of its children. Public schools are today’s mission fields, providing a unique opportunity in our communities to serve children and their families.

One Adult+One Child+One Hour a Week+One Year! It’s very exciting to have more than 50 adults mentoring kids here in Paris and Clarksville! We wanted to share some of the stories that we have been receiving from the teachers of both schools. Thanks for Making a Difference for God’s children!!!

“Cortez is extremely excited on Monday’s and ask multiple times if Mr. Mays is coming yet!! The chicken wings for lunch one day sealed the friendship for life!”
-Amy Hooten

“I want to say how much I appreciate both of the ladies who come to our classroom and take the time out of their day to spend time with two little guys that really needed someone to make them feel they are important. Mrs. Stauter and Mrs. Gibbs do an absolutely wonderful job at that. The boys know when it’s Wednesday they have something special to look forward too. They both have helped them do homework, practice for the spelling test, read and test on books, but most important they have created a bond with them. Allowing them to freely talk or share whatever they want too. One of my little guys came back from his mentor meeting excited to share with the class what his mentor had taught him about leaves and trees. He had a baggie with leaves in it and he decide to give me pop quiz on the new information he had just learned. Sorry to say I didn’t do so well but it gave me the opportunity to let them know… no matter how old we get…we will always continue to be life learners and how nice it is to be able to learn something new. I know it is only 30 minutes but its a priceless 30 minutes for two little guys getting that one-on-one connections with ladies that show them love and compassion. I only wish every student in need of that kind of attention could have that experience. Thank you for all you do!!”

-Janita Martinez

“I have seen a huge difference with Mrs. Wilkerson coming. My student NEVER did his homework or seemed to care though he was smart enough anyway. When she started coming he became more positive and not only did his homework but turned it in three days early. 🙂 Sadly this student just moved schools but will supposedly come back in January!! Thank you for all you guys do for our kiddos!”

-Amanda Little

Will you join with us to change the life of a child? For more information please contact LeAnn Barbee 903-491-3828

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