Wonderful Wednesday is an after school program for kids K through 5th grade. Our focus includes spiritual formation, building Christian character, and promoting fellowship through Bible study, snacks, games, and fun.

WW meets on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month after school from 3:30-5:30pm in the Youth and Ministry Building at FUMC Downtown.  The children can be dropped off at the church by their parents, or picked up by church buses and vans at their schools (Aiken, Higgins, Everett) and transported by a driver and rider to the meeting location.

The children participate in a short lesson, have some activity time and are served a wholesome snack upon arrival.  They are then separated into age groups for their lesson time, which is conducted by a leader and helper.

Participants are picked up by their parents or guardians, except for those that take part in the church youth choir.

These children have the opportunity to share fellowship with their friends, make new friends from other school districts than their own, help in community projects and learn from the lessons of Christ.

Wonderful Wednesday is under the direction of the FUMC Children’s Ministry, and volunteers and parents also help with the program each time. If you have any questions concerning the program, you may contact the Children’s Director, Cheryl Brown, at cherylabrown2@gmail.com.