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Arvin Starrett
Arvin Starrett has served as a church organist for some 44 years, and joined the staff of First Church in 1987 as the third organist in the congregation’s history. He began private piano studies at age five, and began formal organ training at age twelve. His studies continued at Baptist Bible College and Missouri State University. He has enjoyed performing in churches and on stages across America, accompanying many of the most highly respected and well known composers and arrangers of Sacred and Gospel music of the past century. He received training in Funeral Service arts and sciences at Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, and is owner/operator of a local funeral home. Arvin has a deep understanding of hymnody and every facet of Church Music, and approaches his art with an innate perception of how music has the ability to touch the hearts of mankind, leading to an understanding of the atoning work of Christ, an abiding faith in the Father, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as comforter and guide.
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